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Last Friday, I wasn't sure if a predicted surge of upper level moisture ("monsoon" origins) would trigger a disruption of the local, coastal, low cloud field (computer model output ambiguous on this point). It did so Saturday afternoon. That led to a warmer than expected weekend(particularly yesterday with widespread, triple digit heat in the valleys, including an impressive 111 degrees in Burbank...rarely gets that hot there). With a weaker on-shore flow today, widespread 90 degree weather prevails in the inland, coastal plain (another triple digit heat day for the valleys and deserts).

High pressure aloft loosened its grip on the the Pacific Northwest and northern California (heat wave over up there). That's thanks to an upper level trough of low pressure passing through the region. However, down in the Southland, the high pressure is just weakening slightly. Only modest cooling is expected tomorrow in the coastal plain (minor elsewhere). The aforementioned, trough should promote further weakening and displacement of our high pressure by Wednesday. So, more noticeable, general cooling should occur that day (continuing on Thursday). Temperatures should fall back to seasonable levels in most areas (coastal plain may become slightly cooler than normal).

The coastal, low clouds field may begin to re-form over the coastal waters tomorrow. However, no widespread, low clouds are expected along the coast till Wednesday. If the marine layer deepens as today's NAM model predicts, low clouds should be widespread in the coastal plain for the early morning hours (clearing quickly back to the coast). Further deepening of the marine layer and stronger, on-shore flow on Thursday should promote more widespread, low clouds (reaching some valley locales early morning hours) and somewhat later clearing.

High pressure aloft is forecast to strengthen some later Thursday into Friday. However, it should do so far enough off the coast that renewed warming shouldn't be significant in the state. Another, predicted, albeit weak trough should promote cooler weather again over the weekend. This may last up through the 4th of July (next Tuesday), but that depends on which model solution is right (some solutions begin a warming trend on the 4th). At this point, temperatures this weekend should be at or slightly below normal levels.

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– posted: 2017-06-26

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